Lukea house techno - évènements à Toulouse

Lukea on his real name Lucas Morello is originally from Toulouse, now established in Paris. It was when he arrived in the capital in 2016 that he soaked up the abundant culture of the electronic music scene and more particularly the minimal. Fascinated by this movement, he launched into production intensively and began to create his first releases. His music is inspired by synthwave and traditional music that he loves and is reflected in his music which offers this mix of organic and futuristic.

A drummer from a young age, he uses his skills to produce a percussive sound between a dark and hypnotic vibe. A few years later he launched series of edits which proved to be successful, and brought him the support of renowned artists such as Sublee, Janeret, Bryz, Prichindel and many more. This will also open up opportunities for him with labels like Puls, Red District, Wonderground, Vivus as well as numerous dates in Paris, Bucharest, Marrakech and even Luxembourg.




06 75 90 64 17